Who are Art Stars?
Art Stars are 4,000 crypto villains living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Get your own Art Star, which may hold a legendary NTF in their hands. But you better be careful, your Art Star is a kleptomaniac criminal and may try to steal your NFTs


Art Stars are a gang of crypto villains, who were hunted down and imprisoned by Crypto Masters. There are 4,000 villains who are controlled by 111 Masters. Their jail is called " Art-Stars Club" and these villains are locked away securely in your crypto wallets.

During the rise of NFTs, these nameless villains committed many crimes. Their mantra is "steal like an artist, paint like a thief." They organized a gang and started ripping off famous and renowned NFT artists like Beeple and Larva Labs to scam people out of their hard earned cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Masters were called in to stop these thieving villains. The Masters hold magical powers which enable them to capture and lock up the Art Stars in crypto chains.

The Crypto Masters struggled to control the Art Stars and, thus, devised a plan to divide them. Their solution: Art Stars Club. A crypto jailhouse that divides the Art Stars into thousands of different crypto wallets.

Here is a life time opportunity.

You can jail an Art Star in your wallet – they may stay and behave well…or they may start mayhem! It all depends on the characteristics of your unique Art Star and the NFTs you hold.


To initiate new members into the community, we will begin working on these roadmap steps as more Art Stars are sold. We will keep the community up to date and share our progress on the Art-Stars Club Discord server.

Marketplace. We will open our own Market Place for trading Art Stars! Development is already underway.

Unencrypted Art Stars Airdrop. We will create 10 Unencrypted Art Stars for 10 lucky Art-Stars Club NFT holders.

Art Stars Ad Campaign. We will launch a large-scale advertising campaign to build a brand to benefit Art-Stars Club holders.

Community-decided Deliverable. Our community of Art-Stars Club holders will vote on an achievement they would like our team to complete.

Surprise Finale.We will provide Art-Stars Club holders with a surprise to celebrate the final sale of our launch!

Want just to flip? - Better to pass by.

We can only guarantee that you will get NFT and a quality picture generated from the elements that Tony Sart has drawn. And maybe your generated character will fully match your nature.

Character concept artist for TotalWar:
Warhammer II and III.


Each Art Star is unique and randomly generated from over 150 possible attributes, including type, headwear, clothing, hair, and more!


There are multiple levels of rarity. Some Art Stars are more common, while others are more rare. The rarity and scarcity of the type and attributes of your unique Art Star will determine its value!

1. Usual
Men & Women
2. Rare
Apes & Trolls
3. Epic


From time to time, you may get an Art Star with a blank slate. This is very rare. In these empty screen, you can transpose the image of any NFT from your wallet! Showcase your favorite NFT! Although in essence, your thieving Art Star has robbed you and finally taken hold of your most prized possession!


If you're really lucky, your Art Star Club NFT will have a blank background. This means you hit the jackpot! You'll be able to showcase your creativity and play a part in designing your NFT! After the project is sold out, you can order an absolutely unique background from one of the 30+ artists on the Unencrypted Team.

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